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Tempo Jiu Jitsu Scratch Poster

  • (Price displayed in USD)


    Purchase the Tempo Scratch Poster to begin your scratch journey!


    The Tempo Scratch Poster is first of its kind. A visual map of jiu jitsu techniques and positions to learn and conquer.


    Use it as a tool to help you focus on what technique you want to learn next. When you think you're able to hit the technique or understand the position, scratch it off and move onto the next technique. 


    A2 size (420mm x 594mm)


    Package includes:


    • Packaging tube
    • Instructions
    • 2 x stickers
    • Tempo Jiu Jitsu Scratch Poster
    • Scratching pick
    • Scratching pen (to remove the text)


    Delays in shipping due to COVID19 have been incorporated into estimated shipping time.

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