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Perhaps like you, jiu jitsu is more of an obsession than a passion. I've trained and studied the sport of jiu jitsu for over 10 years, earning my black belt in the past few years.

Whilst this might seem like a long time for some, I often feel like a beginner in the sport which the amount of techniques and positions left to learn. Great big leering holes in my game I'm yet to fill. I find that people often know where the weak points are in their game, and while we gradually fill the gaps over the years, there tend to be a few that we push to the side, walking into each roll hoping that our partners won't that advantage of it.

This is what inspired me to make the Tempo Jiu Jitsu Scratch Poster.

With a range of techniques and moves on the Poster, I can hang it up on my wall and let the untouched positions that I've been avoiding act as a reminder each time I walk past. The headlock positions are currently looking pretty unloved at the moment...

Then when you finally believe you have an understanding of how to attack and defend with that position/technique, enjoy the satisfaction of slowly scratching it off!

So happy learning, I hope you get as much use out of this poster as I did!

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